Washers, Felts, Wing Nuts and Felts

CANNON® Nylon Cymbal Sleeves

Fits 6mm or 8mm cymbal tops such as

Yamaha, Pearl, etc. 24 Per Pack

UPCBSN246MM  6mm

Retail $20.00

UPCBSN248MM  8mm

Retail $20.00


CANNON® Chrome-Plated Curved

Metal Washers

Chrome-plated curved metal washers for all cymbal stands.

UPCMW12 12 Per Bag

Retail $24.50

UPCMW4     4 Per Bag

Retail $11.50

CANNON® Neoprene Cymbal Sleeves

Neoprene cymbal sleeves fit 6mm cymbal stand and prolong the life of cymbals. 24 Per Pack


Retail $19.00



CANNON® Curved Metal Washers

Curved metal washers for hi-hat stands.

UPHW12 12 Per Bag

Retail $30.50

UPHW4     4 Per Bag

Retail $14.00


CANNON® Metric Wing Nuts

Extra large metric wing nuts, fit most imported stands.  Specify Size:  6mm or 8mm (fits Yamaha, Pearl, etc.).

UPWN12-6MM 6mm 12 Pk

Retail $34.00

UPWN12-8MM 8mm 12 Pk

Retail $34.00

UPWN6-6MM   6mm 6 Pk

Retail $19.00

UPWN6-8MM   8mm 6 Pk

Retail $19.00

CANNON® Cymbal Tops

Nylon threaded cymbal tops replace most imported wing nuts and hold cymbals on stand. fits Yamaha, Pearl, etc  6mm or 8mm

UPNTT12-6MM 6mm 12 Pk

Retail $26.50

UPNTT12-8MM 8mm 12 Pk

Retail $26.50

UPNTT6-6MM   6mm   6 Pk

Retail $19.00

UPNTT6-8MM   8mm   6 Pk

Retail $19.00

CANNON® Wing Nut Screws

12 Per Bag

PATS-16G/12-HP 6MM

Retail $25.50

PATS-16C/12-HP 8MM

Retail $26.50

PATS-16M/12-HP 6MM

Retail $17.00

PATS-16I/12-HP   8MM

Retail $17.50

PATS-16N/12-HP  6MM

Retail $24.50

PATS-16O/12-HP  8MM

Retail $25.00

CANNON® Cymbal, Clutch and

Hi Hat Felts


UPCF10    Cymbal

Retail $  17.00

UPHF10    Hi-hat

Retail $  14.00

UPCFT10  Thick Cymbal

Retail $  19.00

UPCLF10  Clutch

Retail $  12.50


UPCF100 Cymbal

Retail $159.00

UPHF100 Hi-hat

Retail $127.00

UPCFT100 Thick Cymbal

Retail $169.50

UPCLF100 Clutch

Retail $116.50

CANNON® Threaded Cymbal Top

Threaded cymbal top fits most imported stands such as:  Cannon, Tama, Pearl, etc. 4.5" length 8mm


Retail $25.50

CANNON® Std Wing Nuts

Standard wing nuts fit U.S. threaded cymbal stands.

UPWN12S 12 Per Bag

Retail $36.00

UPWN6S     6 Per Bag

Retail $20.00


CANNON® Deluxe Cymbal Sleeves

Cymbal sleeves with plastic washer attached.

UPCBSD12-6MM 6mm 12 Pk

Retail $47.50

UPCBSD12-8MM 8mm 12 Pk

Retail $47.50

UPCBSD6-6MM   6mm   6 Pk

Retail $25.50

UPCBSD6-8MM   8mm   6 Pk

Retail $25.50