Stick and Mallets

CANNON® Metal Practice Sticks

Helps build strength in wrists and increase speed. Not recommended to use on drums or cymbals.


Retail $41.50*


CANNON® Brushes

Retractable Rubber Handle


Retail $33.50


Retail $21.50

CANNON® Jr Sticks

These first quality drumsticks are the perfect size for the little drummer.


Retail $6.00


CANNON® Gong Mallets

UPFL3 Small

Retail $37.50

UPFL5 Large

Retail $93.00

WUWGMSM Wuhan Small

Retail $21.00

WUWGMLG Wuhan Large

Retail $42.50

CANNON® Marimba Mallets

UPMM8   M, Blue Yarn

Retail $21.00

UPMM9   S, Red Yarn

Retail $21.00

UPMM11 H, Yellow Yarn

Retail $21.00

CANNON® Marching Bass Drum Mallets

UPFT-10 Large

Retail $62.00

UPFT-11 Medium

Retail $49.50

UPFT-13 Small

Retail $37.50

CANNON® Xylophone & Bells

UPXM2    H White Nylon

Retail $5.95

UPXM8    H Brass Glock

Retail $14.75

UPXM16  H Rubber Xylophone / Glock

Retail $  5.95

UPXM17  EH Rubber

Retail $  5.95

UPMM22 Double,Cord,H Nylon

Retail $21.50

CANNON® Concert Bass Drum Mallets

UPSN14 General

Retail $21.50

UPSN21 Soft Double

Retail $25.00

CANNON® Marching Tenor Mallets

UPFT-15 Tenor

Retail $37.50

CANNON® BrickSticks™

These first quality drumsticks from China are now available in oak Brick packaging only (12 per pack) *Non Distributor Item

CANNON® 2B Oak Wood Drumsticks


Retail $44.50*

CANNON® 5A Oak Wood Drumsticks


Retail $44.50*

CANNON® 5B Oak Wood Drumsticks


Retail $44.50*

CANNON® 7A Oak Wood Drumsticks

CANN7AW  Retail $44.50*





CANNON® Specialty Sticks

UPSV3     Bamboo

Retail $12.50

UPSV1     Wood

Retail $12.50

UPSV2     Wood Large

Retail $12.50

UPSV101 Wood Mez Wand

Retail $15.50

UPSV301 Bamboo Mez Wand

Retail $15.50

CANNON® Timpani Mallets

UPFT211 General

Retail $23.50

UPFT-8 Med Legato

Retail $19.00

CANNON® Acrylic Drumsticks

Clear acrylic with a color twist.

CANNON® Purple Acrylic Drumsticks


Retail $16.50

CANNON® Yellow Acrylic Drumsticks


Retail $16.50

CANNON® Green Acrylic Drumsticks


Retail $16.50




CANNON® Blue Acrylic Drumsticks


Retail $16.50

CANNON® Pink Acrylic Drumsticks


Retail $16.50

CANNON® White Acrylic Drumsticks


Retail $16.50