Retail $132.50

CANNON® Bass Drum Spurs

These chrome-plated spurs have heavy rubber feet ideal for setting up on smooth surfaces - and for those carpeted situations, with a quick adjustment, a pointed spur can be protracted from the bottom of the foot. Hole to hole: 1 5/8'' oval.


Retail $136.50

CANNON® Heavy Duty Bass Drum Spurs

Heavy duty spurs with threaded reversible rubber tips. Hole to hole: 1 7/8'' top to bottom, side to side


Retail $132.50

CANNON® Pro Series Spurs

Our new top of the line spur set features

Yamaha style design that really holds to the bass drum in heavy playing situations. Hole to hole: 2'' top to bottom. 1 3/8 side to side.


Retail $148.50


CANNON® Pop Out Spur

This pop out spur holds any bass drum firmly in place.  The drummer can screw out the pointed spur or play with the hard rubber spur for carpeted or vinyl floors. Hole to hole:1 1/2 top to bottom. 1 7/8 across.


Retail $118.50

CANNON® Bass Drum Spurs

Attaches to the bass drum in a few minutes by drilling a hole in the shell. 7/16 drill hole required.

UPSP    Spurs

Retail $40.50

UPSP/L Legs Only

Retail $19.00

UPSP/B Bracket Only

Retail $15.00