Practice Pads

ATTACK™ Pro Pads Practice Pads

These 10 sided practice pads come in 2 sizes, 6" and 12", single side, double side, mountable 8 mm insert or table top version.

UP6SI      6'' Single Insert

Retail  $34.00

UP6D       6'' Double

Retail $29.50

UP12S   12'' Single

Retail  $62.50

UP12SI  12'' Single Insert

Retail   $70.00

UP12D   12'' Double

Retail  $63.50


CANNON® 8'' Tunable Practice Pad

Features high impact plastic frame

UPPP8-6MM   6mm

Retail   $38.00

UPPP8-8MM   8mm

Retail   $38.00

UPPP8H   Rep. Head

Retail   $8.50


CANNON® Large Rubber Practice Pad

Traditional sloped style for the starting drummer.


Retail   $18.50


Nee Pad™ Practice Pad

Practice anywhere! Just strap it on your knee and begin. It’s that easy. Comes in black only.


Retail   $29.00B


CANNON® Gladstone Style Pad

Lays on any 14'' snare drum to muffle

the sound.


Retail   $21.00