CANNON® Marching Bass Drum

20"X14". 10 Lugs, white PVC covering. Uses UPHD-8C carrier

UPJBMB2014  Drum

Retail $124.50

UPHD-8C        Carrier

Retail $106.00

CANNON® Marching Tenor Drum

12"X14" wood tenor drum. 10 lugs, chrome hoops, white PVC covering. Uses UPHD-8A carrier.

JBTD-1214   Drum

Retail $116.00

UPHD-8A           Carrier

Retail $62.50

CANNON® Marching Pro Bass Drum

22"X14" or 24"X14" Bass Drums. 10 Lugs, white PVC covering, smooth white heads.

Carrier included

UPJBMBZ2214  22"X14"

Retail $369.00

UPJBMBZ2414  24"X14"

Retail $386.00

CANNON® Marching Snare Drum

14"X12" wood snare drum. 10 lugs, chrome hoops, white PVC covering. Uses UPHD-8A carrier.

UPJBMP-1412  Drum

Retail $116.00

UPHD-8A          Carrier

Retail $62.50

CANNON® Angle Reduction Bar


Retail $12.00

CANNON® Marching Pro Snare Drum

Silver powder coated hardware and white PVC Covering 14"X12". Uses UPHD-8D carrier.

UPJBMPZ-1412 Drum

Retail $726.00

UPHD-8D          Carrier

Retail $93.50

CANNON® Marching Quads

8", 10", 12", 13" Quads. Chrome hoops, white PVC covering, black standard carrier.

UPJBQA-04  Retail $207.00

CANNON® Deluxe Snare Drum Knee Rest


Retail $34.00

CANNON® Snare Drum Knee Rest


Retail $43.00

CANNON® Marching Drum Carrier


Retail $124.00

CANNON® Wood Cymbal Holders

Wooden hand grips with leather straps. Handles are great for control and dependability.


Retail $47.50

CANNON® Cymbal Straps

All leather cymbal straps.


Retail $23.50

CANNON® Cymbal Pads

Heavy black smooth leather pads.


Retail $65.50

CANNON®  Bass Drum Stand

UPBDS            Deluxe

Retail $99.50

CANNON® Deluxe Slings

Adjustable woven cloth strap. Metal clips.



UPDSC-20-BLK   Black

Retail $19.00

UPDSC-20-WH    White

Retail $19.00


UPDSC-20B-BL    Black

Retail $31.50

UPDSC-20B-WH   White

Retail $31.505

WUHAN® Marching Cymbals

Matched Pair

80/20 Cast

Brilliant Finish

WUMAR16 16"

Retail $224.50

WUMAR18 18"

Retail $369.00

CANNON® Slings

Adjustable woven nylon strap. Metal clips.

UP3312 Snare

Retail $21.00

UP3314 Bass

Retail $27.50

CANNON® Marching Bass Drum Mallets

UPFT-10 Large

Retail $62.00

UPFT-11 Medium

Retail $49.50

UPFT-13 Small

Retail $37.50

CANNON® Marching Tenor Mallets


Tenor $37.50

ATTACK™ 2-Ply Medium Clear

Two-ply construction with Tone Ridge®. Dark, punchy sound without dampening the natural sound of the head.

DH6   6"

Retail $12.25

DH8   8"

Retail $13.00

DH10 10''

Retail $14.50


DH12 12''

Retail $17.25


DH13 13"

Retail $18.75

DH14 14''

Retail $19.50