Hand Percussion

CANNON® Large Rawhide Maracas


Retail $77.00


CANNON® Small Flag Maracas


Retail $12.50


CANNON® Finger Cymbals

Brass finger cymbals and case.


Retail $31.80


CANNON® Deluxe Wood Blocks

Clearly defined, crisp quality sound. Made from select wood and pitched to exact tones. Great for any style of music.

WB823   Medium Block

Retail $29.00

WB1032   Large Block

Retail $33.50



Large Mexican style guiro with scraper. 16" in length.


Retail $25.50


CANNON® Large Plastic Maracas


Retail $27.00


CANNON® Standard Claves or Deluxe Claves

Full size professional quality clave. High pitch sound cuts through both Latin music and recording. Quality dark rosewood finish. The Deluxe claves are made of rosewood. High pitch sound. Professional quality.

UPCLV      Standard

Retail $24.50*

UPCLV-D   Deluxe

Retail $28.50


CANNON® Wood Blocks

Nice, clearly defined, quality sound. Made from select wood and pitched to exact tones.

T23M     6.5'' Block

Retail $25.00

T23AM   7'' Block

Retail $26.50


CANNON® Cabasa


Retail $41.50


CANNON® Wood Maracas

Student quality Mexican maracas for the starting percussionist.


Retail  $20.50


CANNON® Rosewood  Castanets

Made of beautiful rosewood with high-gloss finish. Brilliant sound and excellent "snap". One pair with carrying case.


Retail $21.00



7" Frog with Scraper


Retail $30.50


CANNON® Mountable Agogo Bells


Retail $20.50


CANNON® Vibra-Slap

A small vibra-slap with moderate to high pitch.


Retail $43.50


CANNON® Ratchet

Professional style metal ratchet provides a clear crisp tone. Hand held or mountable.


Retail $63.50


CANNON®  Wave Drums

UPDP314D  14"X2.5"

Retail $25.00

UPDP316D 16"X2.5"

Retail $34.50


CANNON® Bell Sleigh Bells

Full, rich sleigh bell sound.

BH13M  13 Bell

Retail $49.00

UPSLB  25 Bell

Retail $58.50

BL5M    5 Bell

Retail $20.00

BL9M    9 Bell

Retail $26.50


CANNON® Egg Shakers

Sturdy, egg-shaped, plastic shakers. Crisp sound with excellent projection.

OSC48M Blister 2 Pk

Retail $11.50

OSC85S/F Jar Of 40

Retail $90.00


CANNON© Wu You Steel Tongue Drum

As very newly-developed musical instruments, Wu You Drums do not require complicated musical theory or any rudiments of music. They can be played by drumstick or by bare hands, beating, patting, or finger patting, with no fixed music scores or patterns. You can play tongue drums by much improvising, and could make different performance each time, even on the very same song. And they are very popular and welcomed to many music lovers.

D4, G4, C4, F4, B4, E4, A4, C5 notes. Mallets and cloth bag included.

UPTON12BL      12"

Retail $315.00B

UPTON10BL      10"

Retail $265.00



Universal is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the exciting new HADPHOON™. Designed by Paul Simon percussionist Jamey Haddad, this unique metal special-

effects instrument has a circular shape somewhat like that of a cymbal. But it features a series of spiral cuts that allow it to create thirteen different notes, depending on where it’s struck. The HADPHOON™ can be mounted on a cymbal stand, or placed atop any drum and the qualities of that host drum acts as a resonator for even more sonic options.


Retail $160.00


CANNON® Cajuns

Fully adjustable snare wires, heavy-duty rubber feet. Veneer. Bag included.

CAJ132  With Snare Wires

Retail $183.00


CANNON®  Two-Tone Tunable Bongos

Two-tone wood bongos are attractive and a great addition to any drummer's collection. Tunable skin heads, chrome hoops.


Retail $69.00

UPWB2L   L Head

Retail $  9.95

UPWB2S  S Head

Retail $  9.95


CANNON®  Two-Tone Non-tunable Mini Bongos

A two-tone high gloss natural finish and

a chrome accent ring makes these mini

bongos stand out from the rest.

UPNTB  6''x6.5''x6.5''

Retail $59.50


CANNON® Hi Gloss Bongos

High gloss finish and a black powder coated hoops. Dark Blue or Wine Red

UPBOBBS500BL  6", 7" Blue

Retail  $93.00

UPBOBBS500WR 6.5", 7.5" WR

Retail $93.00


CANNON® Darbuka

Aluminum  oxidate shell, black hoops and blue synthetic head. replacement heads available.

UPDABK-20     5.5"X11"

Retail $  69.50

UPDABK-20A  7"X13"

Retail $159.00

UPDH70    7" Head

Retail $  21.00


Bozzio Castanet/Bell Cymbals

The Terry Bozzio designed castanet/bell cymbals are the perfect add on for any drummer.  It easily mounts to cowbell holders, small cymbal stand (top sections) to add a new dimension of sound for the working drummer.


Retail  $52.00


CANNON® Mini Congas w/Strap

Two-ply White Toon wood, true cow skin heads, 3mm traditional tuning rim, 7mm strong tuning lugs. Black powder coated hardware. Plus shoulder strap. Size 9"X11"


Retail $81.00


CANNON® Jr Congas with Stand

For a quality entry-level set, The CANNON® Jr Congas are hard to beat. Featuring oak shells, tunable real skin heads, heavy-duty double braced stand, in natural wood, red and black finishes, these 8'' and 9'' conga sets are priced to sell. Tuning wrench included. Made in China


Retail $279.95

UPXS8300S   Sm Head

Retail $  37.95

UPXS8300L   Lg Head

Retail $  39.95


CANNON® Congas With Stands

Fiberglass, true cow skin heads, 2mm rounded hoop, 8mm strong tuning lugs. Black powder coated hardware and basket stands. Conga size 10", 11". Colors: red or Dark Blue. Replacement heads available.

UPCOC120SBL  Dark Blue

Retail $317.00


Retail $317.00

UPCH100 10" Head

Retail $  39.95

UPCH110 11" Head

Retail $  39.95


CANNON® Single Conga Stands

Black powder coated steel. Fully height adjustable.

UPCOSB001         10"

Retail $43.00

UPCOSB0011       11"

Retail $43.00

UPCOSB0011.75  113/4"

Retail $43.00

UPCOSB0012.5    121/2"

Retail $43.00