UP® Cowbells

Available in sizes from 4''-9''.Each cowbell is made of quality steel with a tone ridge to make it stronger and produce a deep pitch.  Also comes with tone foam swatches to dampen unwanted over tones.

UPCB4   4''

Retail $16.50

UPCB5   5''

Retail $17.50

UPCB6   6''

Retail $18.00

UPCB7   7''

Retail $20.00

UPCB8   8''

Retail $21.20

UPCB9   9''

Retail $24.00




CANNON® Mega Cowbells

Mega Series cowbells feature a unique ridge for deeper pitch and added strength for hard hitters. Baked on wrinkle black finish really takes a beating. Extra large wing screws support these bells.

UPC5   5.5''

Retail $25.00

UPC7   7.5''

Retail $27.00

UPC9   9.5''

Retail $29.00



WUHAN® Cowbell

WUCB4 4"

Retail $19.00

WUCB7 7"

Retail $23.00

WUCB9 9"

Retail $26.00