Arms and Clamps

CANNON® Boom Arm

Professional quality boom arm puts 16'' or smaller cymbals where you want them. 16" post | 19" boom arm. Arm only no clamp.


Retail $ 79.50


CANNON® Cymbal Stacker

Steel cymbal stackers save space and money.  Now you can stack 2 cymbals on one stand at a fourth of the cost.

12" in length

MET1 Metric

Retail $25.50

STD-1 Standard

Retail $20.00

CANNON® Short Cymbal Arm

PA-ACM         Arm/Clamp

Retail $34.00

CANNON® Medium Cymbal Arm

PYH-A1S-HP    Arm Only

Retail $38.00

PYH-S-HP      Arm/Clamp

Retail $43.50

CANNON® Deluxe Wood Block Mount

Complete wood block mount with holder, rubber shock mounts and screws.


Retail $12.50



CANNON® Basic Mini Clamp

Connects tom arms, cymbal arms stands, holders,etc. 7" in length.


Retail $41.50

CANNON® Dual Rotating Multi Clamp

Both clamps rotate, plus the middle can be rotated, giving you many options to mount your toms. 7" in length


Retail $73.00


CANNON® 3-Way Clamp

Add on an extra cymbal or tom tom in seconds. 5"X5.5"X1"


Retail $84.50


CANNON® Long Clamp


Retail $22.50


CANNON® Bass Drum Cowbell Holder

Mounts on bass drum hoop. Adjustable,heavy steel construction.


Retail $30.50


CANNON® Cymbal Arm

Mounts to most cymbal stands to place a 14'' cymbal or smaller within arm’s reach at a third of the cost of a cymbal stand. 10.5" long | 7" from the bend up Cymbal not included


Retail $47.50


CANNON® Long Cymbal Arm

PYH-A1L-HP     Arm Only

Retail $38.00

PYH-C-HP       Arm/Clamp

Retail $44.50

CANNON® Boom Arm Clamp

Clamp any 1" arm to stands, mounts, etc.


Retail $45.50

CANNON® Short Clamp


Retail $23.50


CANNON® Tension Rod Cowbell Holder

Mounts to any lug in seconds.  Simply run the tension rod through hole and wing nut clamps to  hold the cowbell firmly in place. 7.5'' post


Retail $28.50